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Some general notes about Stroud – taken from our original website:

The Stroud area has a complicated history and geography, set amongst the valleys of the River Frome and its tributaries, which cut deeply into the Cotswold escarpment south of Gloucester.

The ‘five valleys’ have many settlements along their steep sides, and alongside the streams at their centres. In former times the area was famous for its wool and woollen textile production, pre-dating the better-known textiles centres of the north of England.

As a result we now have a unique mixture of market and industrial towns, alongside picturesque cotswold villages and hamlets, all interweaved and linked by numerous former mills, built of both stone and brick. Historic transport links within the valleys include Brunel’s Great Western Railway and the earlier Stroudwater Navigation and Thames & Severn Canals.

Stroud Town Centre logo is a website run by the Stroud Town Centre Management project. It provides excellent background information on Stroud town and the surrounding area. Features include Creative Stroud, The Five Valleys, Stroud’s Cafés, Open Studios, the Fringe Festival, Shopping, the Made in Stroud shop, the Farmers’ Market, Fairtrade Stroud, Laurie Lee and other Authors and Poets, Arts and Crafts, Stroud in Bloom, the Goodwill Evening and arching Bands.

Cotswolds Tourism logoThe Stroud Tourism Website gives information for visitors to this part of the Cotswolds. The Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty includes most of the Stroud area, where it is complemented by the unique character of the Five Valleys with their fascinating mix of people and ideas, which include organic food, alternative therapies and Fair Trade. This least commercialised and unexplored area of the Cotswolds also has an exciting and contemporary art scene, with the likes of Damien Hirst, Cleo Mussi and the Pangolin foundry in residence, and a host of cultural events taking place throughout the year to suit all tastes.

SVP logoStroud Valleys Project is a community development charity which operates throughout the whole of the Stroud District in Gloucestershire. Our focus is to translate international and national policies and targets into practical action at the local level, bringing about sustainable development.

Our mission is to inspire the people of Stroud District to cherish, care for and repair their local environment for everyone’s benefit.


Digital Stroud logoDigital Stroud is a celebration of Stroud past, present and future. The site focusses on Stroud people, their rich heritage, history & identity, Stroud places, its unique landscapes, geography and townscapes and Stroud photographs, maps, paintings & objects. It includes an animated history of Stroud’s textile industry.

Stroud District Council logoStroud District Council is the local planning authority for the Stroud Valleys and beyond. Their website provides detailed information on local facilities and services. Within the valleys there are many smaller town and parsih councils – links to some of these are given in the left hand menu.

Canals Project logoThe Cotswolds Canals Partnership are leading a major Lottery-funded project to restore the Cotswold Canals – the Stroudwater Navigation (7 miles/12km) and the Thames and Severn Canal (29 miles/46km) . Once completed the project will see the connection of England`s two greatest rivers; the Thames and the Severn for the first time in over seventy years. The project will provide opportunities for all by acting as a catalyst for continuing social, economic and environmental regeneration whilst safeguarding their future for everyone to enjoy.


SVCarClub logoStroud Valleys Car Club provide members with flexible access to cars as and when they need them, without the costs and hassle of car ownership. The way we live is changing, let’s change the way we drive. Members of the SVCC share the use of a vehicle fleet operated by the Club.


Stroud College logoStroud College in Gloucestershire has a main campus on Stratford Road is adjacent to Stratford Park and the Leisure Centre and provides beautiful views. There are over 1000 full-time students taking courses across a wide range of vocational qualifications and academic programmes that offer excellent progression routes and provide a sound foundation for university. There are also thousands of part-time learners looking for a new challenge.

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