Planning is a key part of the Society’s activities.

Planning issues and conservation concerns relevant to the Society are monitored by the Committee. We look at large developments, listed building applications and some applications in Conservation Areas.

Where appropriate we will comment, sometimes objecting, and sometimes supporting. A particular concern is that the highest standards of design and materials are used when altering or extending listed or historic buildings.

Planning update March 2016: Our comments on the recent proposals by Ecotricity to clad Axiom House and Imperial House in Stroud can be read on the links below:

For news on planning issues have a look at our News blog – where we will be adding much more information on planning from summer 2013 onwards. This link will open an expandable summary of most entries related to planning.

If you want to know more about planning issues do get in touch, or browse through the subpages here with links to planning at Gloucestershire County, Stroud District and Town and Parish levels.