About Us

Stroud Civic Society is for everyone who cares about their surroundings in the Five Stroud Valleys.

Our area has a complicated history and geography, set amongst the valleys of the River Frome and its tributaries, which cut deeply into the Cotswold escarpment south of Gloucester.

The ‘five valleys’ have many settlements along their steep sides, and alongside the streams at their centres. In former times the area was famous for its wool and woollen textile production, pre-dating the better-known textiles centres of the north of England.

As a result we now have a unique mixture of market and industrial towns, alongside picturesque cotswold villages and hamlets, all interweaved and linked by numerous former mills, built of both stone and brick. Historic transport links within the valleys include Brunel’s Great Western Railway and the earlier Stroudwater Navigation and Thames & Severn Canals.

For more information on Stroud, Nailsworth and other settlements within the 5 Valleys visit some of the partner links below and left.

What we do

Stroud Civic Society is committed to the preservation and protection of our heritage, but also concerned about the quality of new development.

We keep an eye out for planning applications and make representations as necessary. In some cases our views on proposals are formally sought by parish councils, Stroud Town Council, Stroud District Council, Gloucestershire County Council and other statutory bodies.

On contentious issues, the Society makes its views known to the relevant planning authorities and through the media. We participate at public enquiries and make representations to the planning inspectorate when applications are appealed.

Visits, talks and walks are a key part of our activities – with a programme of visits to historic buildings and modern developments in the spring and summer seasons, a programme of talks throughout the year and a special Christmas events, usually a visit, with meal, to an unusual house or venue.




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